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Many of us are so used to working on a computer desktop that when the time comes to purchase a new computer, we don’t consider other options.

NV Teh


  • An Elegant Way to Ruin Your Company’s Day - Introduction to Public AWS EBS Snapshots

    May 31, 2017 9:40am

    TL;DR Creating public (unencrypted) EBS Snapshots might not be a great idea. Even if you are going to share them “just for a second”. A lot can be fished out of these snapshots: ssh keys, tls/ssl certificates, aws credentials, private source code and internal (extremely) valuable HR/Accounting/IT documents.

    DISCLAIMER: We did our best to inform the companies we were able to identify as potential owners of the problematic data. Since the misuse of EBS snapshots happens daily we believe that hiding the fact will do more damage than...

  • “An Introduction”

    May 22, 2017 11:44am

    The first few sentences of a piece of writing are arguably the most important. 

    The author expresses themselves in those first words, they draw you in and make a difference and as with any piece of work, they’re changed and changed again before publication. While our intention was not to write a novel but a “simple” blog post we are aware that this post will have to explain what brought us here in the first place, to explain why we have decided to start “yet another IT company” or why we have chosen cloud solutions as our...