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Obrt za informatičke usluge

Many of us are so used to working on a computer desktop that when the time comes to purchase a new computer, we don’t consider other options.

NV Teh

“An Introduction”

May 22, 2017 11:44am

The first few sentences of a piece of writing are arguably the most important. 

The author expresses themselves in those first words, they draw you in and make a difference and as with any piece of work, they’re changed and changed again before publication. While our intention was not to write a novel but a “simple” blog post we are aware that this post will have to explain what brought us here in the first place, to explain why we have decided to start “yet another IT company” or why we have chosen cloud solutions as our primary focus. OK, to be honest, cloud solutions are “sexy” at the moment and little explanation for our choice is needed there. Why we chose to build our own company however, that is a another story.

Back in 2014, a group of friends (us) had a long chat about the way we see our former employers/jobs. Although these companies and jobs were great in many ways, all of them missed one crucial thing that we (as sysadmins/architects/…) were so fond of; an in-depth implementation of best practices in IT. Sometimes this was due to a lack of knowledge within the company and sometimes it was due to priorities shifted to other tasks. Whatever the reason, not implementing best practices led to short-term gains but in the long-term it always resulted in the loss of time and money.

Thus, we decided that we should try to help others understand why best practices are so important and try to help them implement these practices. And since we were working with the cloud at the time we have decided that we will be mostly oriented to cloud solutions.

Today,  we have our own company “NVTEH” devoted to consulting related to cloud solutions. The path leading to this point was not as easy as we had hoped but with a bit of motivation and discipline most of the obstacles were removed. It certainly helped that we had extensive experience already in different industries like fintech, gaming or data science.

At the moment we are mostly oriented towards AWS-related services and as a consulting partner we are a part of Amazon Partner Network (APN). From the very beginning, AWS was our choice of technology and now we are on a mission to deliver the best experience for our customers in the implementation of best practices for cloud solutions. Also, in collaboration with our IT partner companies, we are able to extend the range of the services we offer and it is  often possible to offer a wider range of solutions, covering various aspects of IT-related tasks.

Our team, partners, and customers motivate us to deliver success, excellence and competence and that is why you will find these values throughout our (corporate) culture.